Optical Sensing & Visualization

The development of techniques and systems of optical sensing and visualization for biomedical and industrial applications.

  • Digital holography
  •    (a)Digital holographic microscopy

       (b)Optical microphone

       (c)High speed 3D sensing

  • Imaging in Scattered Media
  • Ghost Imaging

    Visualization (3D Display & 3D Interface)

    More Realistic 3D Display

  • Holographic 3D Display
  • 3D Interface using DCRA



    Optical Data Storage
    (Terabyte Data Storage and Secure Ubiquitous Memory)

    Development of Next-generation Optical Memory

  • Holographic Memory
  • Multi-valued Optical Memory
  • Secure Thin Storage Media based on Thin Scattered Materials



    Photonic Information Technology

    Development of high-speed processing based on optical technology

  • Algorithms for prime factorization
  • Algorithms for quantum object recognition



    Scattering Engineering

    Fundamental Research

  • Fabrication method of artificial scattering media
  • Imaging in scattered media


    Experimental Equipments

  • Experimental Equipment